Video Duplication & Conversion Services

Video Tape Conversions

VHS, Video-8, Hi-8, VHSC, Mini DV, Beta, U-Matic

We can convert your video tapes to DVDs or a digital file format for storage on an external hard drive.
From 1 tape to thousands, no job is too small or too large for us.

We only use the best quality DVDs (Verbatim).

All our DVDs have a relevant title printed on their face and are supplied in a case with a printed case slick.
DVD printing & case requirements vary from client to client and we are able to customise both to suit your needs.

VHS tape to DVD conversion prices.....

     0 - 15    minutes  $15
   15 - 30    minutes  $20
   30 - 120  minutes  $25
 120 - 180  minutes  $35

Nb/ ...$25 minimum if only 1 tape.
       ...Prices are per tape.
       ...Bulk pricing is available for larger jobs. 

Call us now to discuss your video tape conversion requirements.
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